Audio Encoding and Multiplexing

For regions where 1 transmitter is sufficient, it is wise to encode and multiplex locally. You can house everything in 1 rack, including the transmitter, amplifier, multiplexer encoding, etc.

We can offer to update our DIRECT ENCODER with the multiplex software package, all in 1 HE housing that can also be accessed remotely and managed via a web interface. The encoders have the same specifications as the DIRECT ENCODER and the multiplex software can encode ALL DAB/DAB+ STANDARDS including all error correction systems and direct references to any FM frequencies, if out of range of the DAB+ signal.

For regions where multiple transmitters are needed, we can offer the cloud variant, which guarantees greater network reliability. Multiple transmitters are often not in the same zip code area, but they do need to be controlled. Suppose local encoding is taking place and the data connection within that zip code area is not available (maintenance, etc.), then all other transmitters are no longer on the air. . This is prevented when encoding/multiplexing in the cloud, resulting in more stable and higher availability of the transmitter network.